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Adstra Systems Pte Ltd

Create innovative solutions for sustainability

Welcome to Adstra Systems. We offer you `add extra` value-added to your products and services that your clients will be delighted! Our mission is to bring to you up to date and future digital technological solutions. What we offer you are business models that deal with toughest competitors for today and develop your business expansion for tomorrow!

Never before, all traditional embroidery machines suppliers dare to introduce digital embroidery technology. Bring in digital embroidery will immediately obsolete traditional analog embroidery machines!

With worldwide trend of microbrewery craft beer

demand, AdstraGold® is created to established the 1st of its kind of licensing of microbrewery turnkey solution with the most productive and efficient brewing systems employing the latest food processing technologies!

Introduction of LavaStone® Self-Grill Systems, the latest solution for steakhouse for F&B that offers Self-Grill Systems to reduce dependent on manpower and increase sales and profit with ROI within 6 months!
Adstra Systems has always been different, offer enhanced solutions way ahead of competitors. We success because you win over your competitors clients ! your business grow and bring in more business contract with our digital solution that your competitors!

Home Page

417/419 East Coast Rd, Singapore 429006, Admin in Charge: Monica, Sales In Charge: Mr. Chia
Tel: +(65) 6446 7134, Mobile: +(65)93808280, Fax: +(65) 64433746
WebMaster: Your Name

Special OFFER refurbished non-XT AMAYA
for RM39K or S$16K with OS-SE-Pro

Amaya-XT (Lite) + Design Shop Offer
For RM59Kor S$21K

For Sale & Service, Call +(65) 9380-8280
Email: chia@adstrasystems.net
Distrubutor for Melco in Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei

Supply & Distribution for microbrewery equipment and ingredients.
AdstraGold Microbrewery franchising and licensing.
OEM in-house brand of craft beer for export.
Seeking Exclusive Malaysia Beer Importer!
Export & Local enquiry, call Mr. Chia
Tel: +(65) 93808280
Email: info1@AdstraGold.com

AdstraGold Microbrewery & Bistro Bar

Clearance Sale !!!
Magic Touch Material
A4 Size: TTC ($50/box), CPM ($50/box), OBM ($100/box)
A3 Size: TTC ($100/box), CPM ($100/box), OBM ($150/box)
Price offer with purchase by Carton ( 10 boxes/carton)

GeoKnight Heatpress (Made-in-USA)
(NEW) Cap Press : RM 2,800
(New) Clamp Shell A4+ : RM 2,200
Used Demo DK16 A3 size: RM3.500

LavaStone Steakhouse licnsee is now available! Email: chia@AdstraSystems.net or call Mr. Chia 93808280, Chris 96409117